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riding while pregnant

snowangelsnowangel Posts: 13
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i have just found out that i am 7weeks pregnant and this will be my first, i don't want to take any risks but would like to continue cycling as much as possible, i have been riding 14 hours per week, 2 - 41/2hrs per day, 5-6 days a week, (as i was training to do three 24hr solo mtb races) my doctor has told me to continue to exercise, but was unclear on how much and how hard i could train, i am now trying to keep my heart rate below 170bpm which is comfortable and i can still hold a conversation (i have a high working hr, and usually take my hr to 195bpm when climbing), so far i have had no morning sickness or fatigue, actually i feel fitter than ever, can anyone help me with how much training i can be doing safely as all the articals i have read seems to focus on people who weren't doing the kind of training i was doing up untill a few days ago!!


  • ExeterSimonExeterSimon Posts: 830
    Snowangel...I'd speak to your midwife first but as a general rule gentle exercise only is recommended.

    I spoke to my wife (who's a midwife matron) and she recommends that doing solo 24 hour enduros is a no no.

    Oh...and congratulations!
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  • congratulations

    my ex was able to keep going for 3 months no problem at all, then the summer came and she had to cut down the time as weather was making her uncomfortable, she solved that by going in morning or evening and taking it easy but still found that 30 - 60 mins was enough, by the 5th month she wasnt on the bike any more (didnt want to risk it)

    fatbloke i like your avater (neil is a kickass drummer)
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    I don't have anything useful to add but just wanted ot say CONGRATULATIONS :D

    (and i'm interested in the replies, as a 34 year old woman who hasn't had children yet but wants them in the next few years I have pondered this one before!)
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  • snowangelsnowangel Posts: 13
    thank you for your useful hints, to ExeterSimon as midwifes would you or your wife know how high i can safely take my heartrate? like i said i have pulled it back to a max of 170bpm, which i feel comfortable at and can have a conversation at, i am only letting it go to this level for short periods as i get to the top of a climb, i live in a very hilly area and have to ride hills where ever i go!! (i have already pulled out of all my race commitments for this season) my biggest problem at the moment is trying to enjoy riding rather than always pushing, i guess i have been training for so long now, that not suffering to some level on a ride feels really alien!!
  • lynseyflynseyf Posts: 47 ... t=pregnant

    this is an interesting thread. there is a lot of advice about pregnancy over at MTBR, they have a far larger womens forum than here.
  • snowangelsnowangel Posts: 13
    hi, i thought i would post an update for anyone intrested in riding while pregnant, i was in fact 10wks when i started this thread (not the 7wks, lol), i am now 23wks, after a long chat with my doc (who luckly is in to sport) it was determined using my pre preg min & max hr (42bpm & 198bpm) that i could continue to train as normal as long as i kept my hr below 170bpm, at 14wks i was told to drop to 150bpm and to stop riding off road, i did continue to do a small amount of off road that wasn't technical and i took it slowly, untill 20wks, (the last time i road off road was at mountain mayhem a few wks ago when my husband and his team went out on a course inspection, but gave up half way round as i found it uncomfortable and had lost my nerve, appologies to anyone who got stuck behind me) i am still riding on road 4/5 days a week for 1-2hrs, and usually ride 8-10hrs a week, if i can keep going for another month i will be very pleased, but i am just taking it day by day, but i am still able to climb long steady hills but struggle with short sharp ones!! the worst thing is everyone passes me these days!!! :roll:
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    Advice from the CTC
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  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    I think it really depends on your current level of fitness. I think a lot of exercise advice is written for expectant mothers who were heretofore couch potatoes. I had an aerobics teacher that kept teaching up to 7 months when she had to stop because her tummy skin hurt due to the bouncing :lol:
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  • just a quick update, i am now 30 wks (just 10 to go!!!) i am still cycling 4-5days a week for 1-11/2hrs at a time, i now have slicks on my full sus mountain bike, i stil have a small bump so it doesn't get in the way to much but i'm sure that will change very shortly, and i feel that the cycling is of great benifit to me by helping to keep me feeling so well, and my weight down (i have only put on just over a stone), my balance is still good and i have so far had a trouble free pregnancy! i will keep riding for as long as i can :lol:
  • tastas Posts: 5
    Good on you snowangel! With the bumps I had during my two pregnancies I wouldn't have been able to reach the handlebars!

    Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond
  • fred2003fred2003 Posts: 110
    I just tried a search for "bottom bracket loud crack" and found this tread lol.
    Congrats and good luck ;)
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  • snow angel i would like to extend my congratulations to you and your husband on your pregnancy from down here in new zealand.this subject is a bit out of my league as i am 24 with only two children by relationship with my is my opinion that if you are having no problems at the moment and have consulted your docter on the matter of riding while pregnant and he has said ok im happy for you as it means you can carry on doing what you love while still being able to have no side effects on your unborn child.
    congratulations again and i hope every thing gos well for you and your husband.
  • hi, thought i would update again as it is just under 4weeks till my baby is due, (but think baby will be late!!), i still cycle on nice days, i just ride down the cycle track near to my home and it takes about an hr to do 10miles (no hills!!) my mun often joins me as i now ride at her speed, she is 67yrs and comes on her sit up and beg bike, haha!!, i can also no longer ride my own bikes, (as i ride short and low) it became a bit cramped a few weeks ago, so i have borrowed one of my husbands bikes, which is 3 inches longer, i can also no longer get any of my spd shoes on as my feet have grown/swollen, but at least i can still ride :lol:
    my husband is already looking at bikes and snowboards for baby, so hopefully it will be a budding cyclist/snowboarder :lol:
  • Hi,

    Glad you still riding good luck with baby ! I am in shock really as a midwife we don't often come across such active women in last few weeks!!! As for snowboarding for little one, my 8 year old has been boarding since he was 4 despite people telling us he's too young !! We both ski but he hated it so we put him on board which is definitely for him. I was so proud last winter when he could join us which is very difficult for a young boarder! skating very tiring... just got to work on mountain biking now! GOOD LUCK AGAIN WITH BABY :D
  • hi all, thank you for your kind comments
    just to let you know, my baby boy was born just over a week late on the 15/ll/09 he weighed a very healthy 7lbs13 and we named him harrison, my hubby is already checking out mountain bikes and snowboards for him!!
    i cycled till 37wks but then had to give up due to the wet leaves making the tracks slippery and that i had developed carpal tunnel syndrom so was having dificulty changing gear and breaking. i started walking instead and walked 4miles a day till 2days before i went into labour.
    i had a very long and complicated labour which lasted 37hrs,without going into to much detail, my fitness/cycling both helped and hidered, i was told that because of all the cycling my perinal muscles where very strong/tight and it was hindering the labour on the plus side because of the exercise my baby had recived more blood or oxygen (can't remember which one they said it was) through the placenta and that had made him strong and helped to keep his heart rate strong and him calm so i was alowed to continue with a natural birth (they did talk about c section) he ended up being delivered by forceps and due to that i am still not yet allowed to start cycling again, but hopefully will get the all clear in the new year and i can't wait to be able to cycle again even if it is only the turbo trainer whilst harrison is sleeping!!
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,823
    Congratulations on baby Harrison :D

    Hope you manage to get back on the bike soon!
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