Winter tyres for summer sportives?

purplehaze Posts: 14
I am not the fittest or youngest - but last year I had too many punctures on sportives and charity rides using specialized all condition tyres that came with my Specialized Roubaix bike. . I changed to Continental Four Season for the winter - and without tempting faith, have had no flats! Should I leave them on for the summer? I don't race but want to complete sportives without giving myself an additional disadvantage of dragging too much rubber around. Any advice on what I should use gratefully received. :?


  • Higs
    Higs Posts: 105
    Are they really that draggy?

    How much time would you expect to lose to a bit of extra rubber compared to a puncture stop?

    Personally I'd leave them on.
  • nferrar
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    I'd say nothing wrong with leaving them on but there's also plenty of lightweight highly puncture-resistant tyres out there (Schwalbe Ultremo DD's and R's for starters) so don't assume going lighter means more chance of punctures
  • GyatsoLa
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    So far as I know, the Four Seasons are only marginally slower than pure summer tyres. I use them on my fixie, while I have lighter Conti's on my road bike - I don't really feel much difference in rolling resistence, not compared to (for example) the Specialized Armadillos I ran over the winter on my road bike. If you like them, stick with them.
  • :D thanks for the feedback on this - much appreciated.
  • Pokerface
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    If you can find them - Michelin Krylion tyres are fantastic. Last forever and highly puncture resistant. Did about 5,000 miles last summer on a set - and they are still going. Only had a few flats during that time. reasonably fast also.