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Help ! Something is eating me !!

-Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
edited April 2009 in Health, fitness & training
Any idea what it is ?!

Sore red and swollen to about 3" in diameter and constantly seeping.

I reckon there is something in there having a dig.

Started getting aggravating this morning but I'm sure there was something small there last night.

Thats the front of my thigh btw incase you was wondering. Glad it didn't get up any further !!

Already put some Aventis insect bite cream on it.

The pen mark is how much it has grown since dinner time...

I was out on the bike most of the day yesterday so most likely from then.

Pic...Nice !



  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
    One word . . . . . . Doctors Surgery . . . . Oh thats 2 but you get the message.
    Bikes are drugs and Im pedalling
  • Don't be such a wimp. Slosh a bit of vodka on it, get your multi-tool out, and do a bit of exploratory surgery.
    Northwind wrote: It's like I covered it in superglue and rode it through ebay.
  • It's lupus.
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  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    deadliest wrote:
    One word . . . . . . Doctors Surgery . . . . Oh thats 2 but you get the message.

    It'll take me 4 weeks to get an appointment :shock:
    Don't be such a wimp. Slosh a bit of vodka on it, get your multi-tool out, and do a bit of exploratory surgery.

    Like your style.
    It's lupus.

    lol, its definitely a bite.
  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    bed bug...

    Thats what my missus said. She's been hoovering the mattress :lol:
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Ah, looks like exactly what happened to my brother! Got bitten, red patch, got bigger, spread up his arm, started to eat the flesh and 3 weeks in hospital on an anti biotic drip.

    If he patch gets bigger, go to drop in centre!
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    tick bite

    what has happened is :

    the tick has bitten you but trying to dislodge its body has dropped off and head has continued to act as a barrier between wats left on its imunesystem.

    Without a doubt you have lyme disease or Tick-borne meningoencephalitis. buy a cream called dermol 500 i use it for any bites cuts n zits, it will clean it and sterilize a needle in a flame ( gas cooker) and try and locate the head and extract. KEEP the head as the hospital can trace for what disease it actusly is if the antibiotics u get put on dont work.

    seriously though first thing tomorow after school or work go straight to a n e and say you have an infected tick bite. YOU MUST GO TO HOSPITAL AND SKIP THE GP !!
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    do you wear Lycra or padded shorts with a tight elasticated fit around your thigh where the "bite" is? if so could be an in-growing hair? I get them from time to time, when I wear a one of my shorts that is a bit tight around the thigh. It kinda itches and generally p1sses me off, goes away after a bit. Use a general purpose antiseptic cream to keep it clean and bacteria free.

    But on the safe side get it checked out, it could be one of the serious things above!

    good luck ...
  • KB8KB8 Posts: 123
    excerpt from googled lyme disease article consult your GP if you detect the following symptoms

    A red spot around the location of the tick's bite. The spot will gradually grow bigger, often with a pale area in the middle.


    Try google imaging 'tick bite'. sick
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    S'not Lyme's Disease. Could well be an infected bite.

    Assume that given that you've not posted for a while you've either been to see a health-professional who has fixed you or you are dead. Assume you got some Augmentin??

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • JetlagJetlag Posts: 29
    Jeez, I wonder what happened :lol:
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    Dead I reckon...

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    pmsl !

    Had my leg amputated last friday :lol:

    It went down after a couple of days. Just infected or a bit of a reaction to whatever bit me.

    Sorry for the lack of updates and the concern shown by all has bought a tear to my eye :lol:
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