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Anyone ever used In Gear Cycles?

nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
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Folks, Anyone ever used in gear cycles in Uckfield, East Sussex. If you have used them, were you happy with the service etc. Cheers


  • kafkathedogkafkathedog Posts: 242
    Yes I use them, they are my local bike shop.

    Staff are very knowledgeable and they stock only quality parts. Service is good.

    They run a racing team and a more relaxed sportive type club VC In-Gear

    If you are lucky you may bump into Sean Yates too.
  • V-twinV-twin Posts: 49
    Yup. I've used them by mail order - fine, recommended.

    mox senex dormit
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    My only grumble is that they charge you £5 per day if you need to leave your bike there for more than 2 days if you are getting some work done.

    Quite off-putting if you can only get there at weekends.
  • nicensleazynicensleazy Posts: 2,310
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