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lapierre zesty 314

stev0stev0 Posts: 131
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i really want a lapierre zesty but even the lower spec 314 is a bit pricey, i currently own a commencal meta 5.5 numero 3, its a 2006.
just wondered if anyone has tried the zesty 314 and have any idea of how it would compare with the meta and whether its worth spending the big bucks on the zesty or just keep my ageing meta until it dies.


  • If the Meta is in good nick still (or just needs a good service!) then I can't see it being a much better ride imo.
  • Yeti JonYeti Jon Posts: 19
    get a test ride and see what you think.

    I test rode both and then bought a zesty.
    Depends if you have got 2 grand burning a hole in your pocket I guess.
  • grumstagrumsta Posts: 994
    lol your meta is 2-3 years old and that's 'ageing' - is there something wrong with it?
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    You're in the exact same situation as my next door neighbour, he has a '06 Meta 5.5.2 and is looking to change as it's a bit worn round the edges.

    So he demo'd a Lapierre Zesty 514 last weekend, we went to Llandegla on Saturday and it was fast as you like, proper trail bike. I also had the opportunity to ride it for 45 minutes round the local woods.

    I can tell you it completly knocks spots off his Meta in all aspects, it climbs better (feels like my Cove Handjob), is stiffer in the back end, responds better to rider input, descends better and is basically one helluva bike.

    I've ridden his Meta and the '08 Meta XT for similar lengths of time and the Zesty blows them both away. To be honest I'd also say it's better than the Blur LT we had out @ a demo day last year too.

    They're pricey, but there are deals to be had if you look about.

    If I didn't have the handjob and a pitch I would seriously consider buying one asap. They are such nice bikes to look at and the detailing is top class, matching anodised pivots, shock mounting hardware, XT kit they are fantastic.

    You'll notice the shock doesn't have a propedal lever on it, it doesn't need it, the thing climbs so well it's unreal
  • stev0stev0 Posts: 131
    yeah my meta has seen better days, has done a great lot of miles and to be honest im not the best at maintaining my bikes as they get ridden almost everyday. maybe it could just benefit from a service and a few upgrades, would probly cost alot less than the 2 grand price tag of the lapierre. A man can dream thought cant he...........................
    iv never had the joy of riding a new bike!
  • breezerbreezer Posts: 1,225
    Just picked up a 514 myself, only managed one short ride so far but it was very quick, nice rear end and very happy with it and the geometry/position felt right and far better than my Turner 5 Spot I sold to finance it. The only bad point is the tyres which wouldnt even grip on dry tarmac they are so bad! Ive had a Blur LT before but the pedal kickback in the granny ring was beyond a joke so I sold it. I know they have improved it a bit with the new one but the Zesty being a cross between a VPP and a 4 Bar means you can only slightly feel it in the granny ring and its perfectly acceptable as it has none of the power induced sag my 4 bar 5 Spot had.

    I looked around for a 08 one but couldnt find one but managed to bargain 10% off from Primera in Bournemouth

    Photos here
  • stev0stev0 Posts: 131
    that things is sooooooooo nice your not doing very well in persuading me not to blow my next student loan instalement on one! i love the attention to detailon these bikes the best iv ever seen!
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