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Is there a tidy way to shape beam of torch ?

beegeebeegee Posts: 160
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Okay, I've just received two P7 900 lumen torches from Hong Kong and I must say that they seem quite bright. Certainly brighter than my tesco cree torch. Anyway the thing is that because they are quite bright I can point them a fair way down the road but I am certain that they will dazzle drivers. I haven't used them yet, just strapped them to the bike handlebars but I looked at the reflection in the window and they are quite dazzzling. Maybe they won't annoy car drivers. But assuming that they will, has anyone found a slick way of masking the high part of the beam ? My state-of-the-arc method involves rubber bands and tinfoil over the upper part of the face of the torch. But there must be a better way. Incidentally when I was looking for bike lights I only found one that actually had a beam shaped for road use.


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    What about cutting an appropriate shape out of "Duck" or duct tape, stick on the glass? I am sure the adhesive will get very hard with the heat and may leave a mess when you take it off, but that may not be of any concern if you leave it on.
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    Do you know the type of LED used in the torch? If so try a google search for " optics " for that LED. Most companies only make optics that create circular beams but a few out there do a rectangle shaped beam with a sharp vertical cut off so light doesn't spill up into drivers eyes.
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