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fox shoch seized after 1st ride...

ben-1888ben-1888 Posts: 59
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After an amazing day today,(thanks to the advice of Cycloros), my brand new bike started playing up! 1 minute after hearing a strange noise it was obvious what was wrong! Fox dhx air shock had seized pretty much solid! :evil:
Thankfully alpinebikes where i got the bike 1 week ago are going to sort me out.
I have read on hear that these shocks are censored to put it politley, and im so angry that it has put a horrible end to what has been an afternoon of mountain bikers heaven!!!

Just to let any1 thats intersted know, i discovered an amazing spot outside aberdeen that im sure all the locals are aware off... however the council have started dismanteling the hillside which is littered with downhill tracks, jumps, berms, rock gardens, drop offs, road gaps... the lot. I will post a thread on it in the rides section!

let me know of thoughts on the shock problem...



  • tompugtompug Posts: 227
    Is it stuck down, as in not moving at all and the piston all the way inside? This is common and is caused by air getting from the positive air chamber to the negative. It is extremely dangerous to try and fix, but is do-able. You need to unscrew the air sleve to fix it, it will go off like an rpg if not properly secured to a vice. Its a shop job if your not confident.
  • ben-1888ben-1888 Posts: 59
    it hasent totaly seized... yet! i new what was about to happen so just stopped and pushed all the way home... thankfully i think im probably just going to get a new part. However if this is going to be a recurring problem i reckon id be best just getting something better for the job. any suggestions as i really dont know alot about rear shocks... let alone air shocks!
  • CycloRosCycloRos Posts: 579
    Sounds like you had a good blast there, shame about busting the shock but hey like it says in my signature :)

    So where's this top secret downhill bit you're on about? Reckon I might have an inckling, there's lots of stuff around Tyrebagger aimed at families and walkers so it doesn't surprise me to hear about the councils plans. Whatever happened to the right to roam hey?
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  • ben-1888ben-1888 Posts: 59
    at the first sign for durris... there is a car park on the laft that has been blocked off...
    u will see the trail just pokin out of the woods i just went up it and assumed it was the 1 u had told me about. but honestly it is amazing if your into that sort of thing!! yeh the bike will get fixed so no worries... a shame though cos a friend from england is coming up on friday and had a wicked weekend planned... pitfichie. innerliethen etc etc!! :cry:
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