Using a Rack Mount and Bag with a Look 585

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Didn't really know which forum to put this in buy hey.

On the odd occasion I want to do a bit of light touring on my bike. I have a Look 585 frame.

Would using a rack such as ... 360006687/ in conjunction with a rack bag such as ... 360012456/ do any harm to my frame?

I unfortunately haven't got the option to keep more than one bike

Thanks in advance


  • keef66
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    Can't see it damaging the frame since it clamps onto the seatpost. As long as you're not planning to use it for carrying gold bullion.

    If it was mine I'd only use it in a fairly beefy alloy post; wouldn't be happy clamping all the weight onto a carbon one.
  • Nelson Longflap
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    I think these are a better solution than a weighty bar putting a load of leverage on your seat-tube. ... 360042571/. I've spent a week touring with one on a carbon race frame. Worth considering.

    You'll still need an alloy post though

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    I've got a Carradice Nelson Longflap with a Bagman QR support that I use on my Pinarello Prince occasionally (it does get one or two odd looks from other roadies). The clamp attaches to the saddle rails, so no need to swap my carbon post. ... -11247.htm
  • ugo.santalucia
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    I've seen the rack at halfords... it goes with the ToPeak very expensive range of bags. Although the system looks brilliant it is very heavy. The Bag and panniers are small and heavy, with a lot of padding. The Rack can only carry about 15 pounds in weight and I reckon panniers and top bag probably weigh in half of that when empty... overall it does not seem a good deal if the real weight you can carry is a pair of pants and a tootbrush.
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  • GyatsoLa
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    I'd suggest getting a regular rack such as one from Oldmanmountain or Tubus Fly (with QR mounting) and p-clips. I toured Taiwan on my R600 Road bike with this set up - I used a pair of Ortlieb front rollers. It worked out very well, significantly more stable than a seatpost set up.
  • Hugh A
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    I would agree that you would probably be a good idea to change your seatpost to an alloy one before sticking one of those things on it.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
  • Wooliferkins
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    If you are a light traveller then these are handy. For the less lightweight packer (me) the Carradice SQR, mentioned above is probably the job.
    Thanks for the plug Proto
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    Thanks for all the replies. Lots to think about there just to confuse things!

    Will have to make a decision soon as its getting to that time of year.