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River Crossing!

gnarwhalgnarwhal Posts: 22
edited March 2009 in MTB general
DId my first ever river crossing yesterday, so so much fun. Can't believe how awesome it felt. I wasn't quite quick enough so i had to put a foot or two down and slosh my way out. So wet feet but big fun! :D

Anyone else love getting wet on their bike? :?:


  • Well in this country it can hardly be helped :lol: but I dont mind i'll ride through anything, I used to live in hexham and the old road that the A69 now replaces floods every year to about handlebar height and as youngsters we used to love riding waist deep along the road ha ha obviously as youngsters we were oblivious to the perils of water in your headset, hubs, everything that moved and our bikes would fall apart shortly after ha ha but it was pretty cool at the time !!!
  • gnarwhalgnarwhal Posts: 22
    That sounds like just the kind of thing i used to do as a youngster too. Hmmm i hadn't thought about water in my hubs and headset...should be ok though right? DIdn't go too deep really.
  • Well depends, I normally strip my headset and hubs down once a month and regrease them anyway, but that may be overkill I dont know but then I enjoy tinkering with my bike anyway and normally do it on a day when the weather stops you riding so when the sun shines again your bikes tip top !
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