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New Chainring

Andrew_JAndrew_J Posts: 142
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Hi All,
Just wondering I somehow bent one of the teeth on the large chaining on my Bianchi 928 Ultegra, the LBS has bent it back and filed it and said it should be ok, but some time’s up shifting is hesitant no matter how much I change the cable adjustment, anyway I have decided that maybe a new chaining is the way forward seems like a pretty straightforward job? my question is do I need to replace the chain and cassette whilst doing this? I seem to recall this being the recommendation ?
The bike is fairly new (brought in Dec 08).

Also if changing the chain and cassette is the best option is it worth the upgrade to Ultegra on the cassette from 105 and upgrading the chain to KMC x10-sl.


  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    I don't think one tooth will have much affect on changing performance. Most of the work is done by the pick up pins and the damaged tooth would have to be in a critical position. Perhaps the limit screw needs easing a bit.
    If you do go for a new ring check the chain for 'stretch'. If it is less than 1% I would not bother changing it. As regards changing the cassette the Ultegra is not much better than the 105. Again wait until it is worn or you want different ratios. As for the KMC chain I would hold off for a while. There have been reports of breakages on here. I have recently fitted one myself and am a bit worried. See below.
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    what John said

    I doubt it's the ring that's the problem

    re. replacement - measure chain stretch, and decide based on that

    [no problems with my KMCs]
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