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Best portable hand pump for under £30

steerpikesteerpike Posts: 424
edited March 2009 in Road beginners many on Chain Reaction it's impossible to choose.

Needs to be able to go in my jersey pockets, ideally want gauge though not essential. Want to get as high a PSI as poss in a portable. Would consider mini track pump if not too much of a pain to carry or mount.



  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Topeak Road Morph is easy to use, will easily top 100psi and has a gauge, but is just a bit too long for a jersey pocket. I've sacrificed a bottle cage to mount mine on the seat tube. You do get the option to cable tie the mounting bracket to the top tube instead
  • Robmanic1Robmanic1 Posts: 2,150
    I had the same problem, after advice from the good people of the forum I went for this;


    Not used it in anger yet, but seems like a well made, quality piece of kit.
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  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,163
    I went for topeak mini blaster - never let me down yet.
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I carry my Road Morph in my jersey pocket (didn't want it covered in censored on winter rides), fits fine although I usually stuff the pocket it's in with a shower-proof jacket to pad it out. Also a couple of jerseys have really shallow pockets or side opening ones so you need to be careful when choosing what you're wearing :p Can get 120psi from it but over 100psi requires a fair bit of effort.

    Lezyne do a similar mini-track pump design but it looks as big and probably heavier (although it does look nicer).
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    I use a Blackburn Airstick. Will get to 100psi (just) and fits in a bracket next to my bottle cage. In winter when punctures are more likely I use a Blackburn frame pump. It gets to 100psi easily and fits in front of the seat tube. I only use one bottle cage on the winter bike.
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    Lezyne road drive ... small, excellent, and as good as you will get for the weight.
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