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Shuddering From Rear Discs

ShaggyRS6ShaggyRS6 Posts: 247
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Hi guys and girls.

I have a Scott Spark 35 which is 2 weeks old. Being used very lightly at the moment whilst I get my fitness up.

What I have noticed since yesterday's ride, is when I pull the back brake I can feel a slight juddering/knocking.

I took it up the Local bike shop and they suggested it just might be that brake bedding in.

Am I worrying about nothing? The bike has done 60miles
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  • benneallybenneally Posts: 973
    Yeah its to do with the brakes bedding in, although if the bike is shuddering you may have sintered the pads.... If it continues you can roughen up the leading edge of the pad with a bit of sandpaper. Worked for me.
  • ShaggyRS6ShaggyRS6 Posts: 247
    I dont think the bike is shuddering, I can just feel the feedback.

    It goes in for a complimentary service in 40 miles so I will leave it till then if its still doing it.

    Thanks though :)
    11 Scott CR1 Comp
  • xtremedashxtremedash Posts: 182
    Could just be mis-aligned caliper. Takes about 2 minutes to re adjust, check the park tools website. I wouldn't worry though, I get it now and again, just realign the caliper and it usually fine. Some times takes a couple of attempts, but it's nothing detrimental, worst case is the pads wear unevenly/slightly quicker.
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  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    If you manage to fix that can you fix the brakes on my car which are doing the same thing expect it is a definite shudder. Driving me mad!!!
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