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Bro just bought a new bike

downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
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For about the past week my Brother has been on about getting a new bike. He got the bug last year after finances forced his hand. Paid £250 for a Giant bottom of the line with suspension that when you brake you end up flying forwards. :?

It was ok on a flat road, but going downhill I think it was a bit of a problem as he soon ditched it for my Father's XC hybrid Giant. Dad got a bit annoyed that his bike was being used so me Brother decided to look on ebay for a bargain that never happened.

So this weekend we had a trawl around the local shops and found a Specialized Sirrus 2008 model. All black, £60 off at £330.

The fella in the shop asked what Bro wanted from the bike and was told "fast!" The guy in the shop started showing him this £1600 bike. :shock: We had to explain that this was to ride to work :lol:

Gave him a set of mudguards that didnt fit my bike and a D lock. He's fitted the pannier from his old bike and the front mudguard (turned out to be a bit of a faff as the specialized seems to have funny sized boltholes). Seems like a really nice bike for the money


  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,692
    that's all good but why isn't HE posting that story on here??? come on now don't hold out on us! :lol:
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  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    itboffin wrote:
    that's all good but why isn't HE posting that story on here??? come on now don't hold out on us! :lol:

    I dont think he sees himself as a cyclist yet. :lol: I was quite impressed at the quality of the bike for the money thats why I posted it. He said last summer he wants a camera, lol! And me Mother too, as she rides all year around 3 days a week. Both have witnessed the numpties :lol:
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