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commuting in Hong Kong

soy_saucesoy_sauce Posts: 987
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just back from my home city - Hong Kong. what a holiday... 8)

anyway, this time round i realised there are alot more bicycles around town. And the following are the summary of what i found:

1) they all just lock up with a £2 cable lock with the frame and whatever they can find to lock it against.

2) 75-80% of all bicycles are folding bicycles

3) 8 out of 10 bicycle chains are rusty..... :shock:

4) first time see a full-sus folding bicycle.... awesome

5) only saw one person had lights on at night.... others.. don't bother

6) people seem to cycle any direction on road.... yup, they even cycle against the traffic :shock: (for people who never been to hong kong, the driving there is worse than the UK)

7) you prop already guessed this one, all the locals RLJ and all other things which we debate/complain/pi**-off about in this forum.

8) related to the last 2 point, all the drivers or any other people in this case don't seem to care. :lol:
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  • There are some beastly hills in HKG - not for the faint-hearted.
  • b_cb_c Posts: 19
    Sure, HK has steep hills but it also has some brilliant road cycle routes and great MTB (off road) paths. Try the road to Shek-O next time you are there.
  • Carlos13Carlos13 Posts: 152
    Hi, sorry to jump on this thread, but I'm off to Hong Kong with work for a fortnight. I may have a weekend free, and would love to do some cycling while there, either road or MTB or both. Does anyone know where I could hire a reasonably decent MTB for a day or so, and where I would need to look for routes?

    Thanks in advance :)
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  • pottsstevepottssteve Posts: 4,043
    I commute in Hong Kong and would agree with your points above. I would also like to point out that a large proportion of drivers in Hong Kong appear to be ignorant [email protected] who seem to think they are playing a Nintendo game instead of really driving on the roads.

    TWICE this morning I had to jam on the breaks while I was on a roundabout as cars joining the roundabout did not stop for me - [email protected]

    Poor HK drivers fall into several groups:

    1. Young macho morons with home spoiler kits stuck on the boot
    2. Old macho morons in Mercedes and BMWs
    3. Minibus and van drivers who are either asleep/drunk/on drugs/deaf and blind
    4. Taxi drivers - see point 3 above
    5. Middle aged ladies who can barely see over the steering wheel whilst talking on the 'phone, yelling at the kids and changing the radio at the same time.

    Everyone else is just in such a hurry to get there 4 seconds earlier...

    Don't get me wrong, I heart HK, but many of the drivers just need a GOOD, HARD SLAP.

    And exhale...... :wink:


    there are places which hire bikes but most of these are not that great. There's a place in Mui Wo on Lantau called Friendly bikes shop which might do Meridas (?). I suggest you contact the HK Mountain Bike Association who may be able to point you towards someone. If you need any general advice re. HK, feel free to ask.
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  • pottsstevepottssteve Posts: 4,043
    By the way, carlos, if you're here in the next week or two, bring a good, breathable, lightweight waterproof. It was 30 degrees at 10 o' clock this morning and over 90% humidity - like riding in a dishwasher... :wink:
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