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Hard lump

GTracerGTracer Posts: 123
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little over a week ago i had an accident which resulted in the me falling from the bike and my whole body weight pivoting on the end of the handlebars with my inner thigh (its a long story i can't be bothered to explain)

Anyhow a week on i still have a bruise the diameter of a watermelon and the main red mark in the middle has a hard lump underneath the skin and didn't know if this is normal, because i've never had anything of this sort of scale before so don't really know if its muscle tissue or fluid or anything like that. So any ideas would be great thank you


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I am gonna say what you said to me: go to the docs!

    You first lol.

    We need to do it.
  • GTracerGTracer Posts: 123

    only if you hold my hand first please
  • could be a small haemotoma (sp). when you get a bad bruise, blood can congeal in your muscles causing a hard painful area.
    I've had a few playing rugby, had to have them broken up by a physio.... which turns out to be to most painful thing ever.
  • GTracerGTracer Posts: 123
    oh ok, sounds lovely, is it serious if its left alone, or is it one of those things that sorts itself out?
  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
    GTracer wrote:
    oh ok, sounds lovely, is it serious if its left alone, or is it one of those things that sorts itself out?

    Like Benj said it probably needs to be broken up to avoid the possible risk of clotting.

    You can tell us all about the pain on here when ya stop screaming expletives long enough to type. :lol:
    Bikes are drugs and Im pedalling
  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    It's probably gonna be one of two things. Either a haematoma or a small tear in the muscle. Both will get better on their own with little or no input from anyone.

    A haematoma is essentially a slightly more organised bruise. A bruise is simply blood that has leaked out into the tissues from the damage done to the small blood vessels as you pivoted your entire bodyweight on a set of handlebars (`i'm not gonna ask!) If enough of it leaks out it collects together and clots and forms a hard lump. So, to counter 'deadliest'... it already is a clot but it won't do you any damage. It is ithin the tissue and isn't gonna go anywhere else or do any further damage. Your body will break up the clot and get rid of it but this can take a while as you body needs to repair the damage you did to the blood vessels before it can get the good guys there that eat the clot...
    Helping breakdown the clot into smaller bits will help your body digest it and this is what the physios get up to. You can achieve a similar effect by massaging the area as hard as you dare to help break it down!

    If it is a small tear in the muscle then your body will fix this too (amazing thing the human body ain't it), again could take a while as your body will again have to fix the blood vessels to get the good guys there to fix the damage to the muscle.

    Hope all that helps, and ,as with all my advice, non of it as good as seeing your doc; so if your worried go and see him/her.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
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