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[color=red]London to Brighton Bike ride,place wanted,please

BIGD1968BIGD1968 Posts: 176
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Hiya all on the general forum,hope your all fit and well & peddling like mad to make the most of the few good days this country has given us of late. :lol:

Ok heres my plea to anybody who reads this posting.

I missed out on a London to Brighton bike ride place,which im gutted about :roll: ,because I promised a mate Id show him a really good day out,and take care of him on route.

Although London to Brighton is a fun day out,it is also a day to be wary of not only frustrated drivers,but also cyclists who know very little about riding in a large pack,or cyclists who think their on the tour de france.

These people who are normally perched on a bike which probably cost a grand upwards tend to act like boy racers,and forget we all have to start somewhere. :?

My mate is at the start somewhere stage,so as I completed last years event without incident,as Id fully prepared for it,I agreed to acompany him for the journey.

Of course sods law has stepped in,and hes gained his place,I on the other hand have been left high and dry.The list for cancelation riders is full,which means my only solution is to find someone who wishes to pass on his place due to illness or injury etc etc .

I am more than happy to cover any entry costs involved.I just dont want to miss out on my mates first big ride.And of course an amazing day out with fellow cyclists who believe there are more ways to travel around this great nation of ours ,than just the car or bus.

Please if you can help me,or you know someone who wishes to give up his place for this years ride,I would be very greatfull to hear from you.

Thanks very much

I can be reached at [email protected]
or I can be reached via [email protected]
or even 07833774454[/b]
Cycling is for the brave of heart,driving is for the selfish.
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