Camelbak tip

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If you squeeze your camelbak under your arm, you can squirt your girlfriend with the nozzle. It's like a wee fire extinguisher! 8)

NB she was very annoyed! :twisted:


  • Clever Pun
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    if you fill it with vodka and coke, it's great for festivals, in fact most spirit mixer combinations can work rather well

    don't expect the reservoir to live long though
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  • snotty badger
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    I've got a crappy bladder that I'm planning to fill with rum and sprite for kendal calling this year- must be easier than smuggling cans of lager in me wellies! :lol:
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  • tardington
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    After I drink a litre and a half of Rum and Coke, how upright will I be, let alone my cycling speed?

    I did ruin a bladder, by leaving peaty water in from Rannoch Moor for, um, 6 months or so...

    While people are looking, are the Platypus things any good? I know they do a Wine Specific bottle!
  • I have never put anything but water into mine, it is one of the first generation one when they became available in the UK (possibly an antique)

    Stick it in the freezer after every ride saves having to to dry it out.

    Back to the point in hand

    I know that firebox do something called a beer belly (bladder worn around the waist), and they do a wine rack for the ladies

    god bless firebox
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  • tuxpoo
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    I used mine on a snowboarding holiday. I had the switch tap type.
    Tip? Dont use it on the lift. Much to the amusement of other skiers/boarders on the lift, it will squirt in your face.