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Arione and Arione Tri?

LardLoverLardLover Posts: 676
edited March 2009 in Road buying advice
Looking at an Arione and an Arione Tri. The difference I can make out is that the Tri has more padding on the nose, am I correct in thinking this?

(The Tri is also a quid cheaper :roll: )


  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    I think your right but I also think that the Tri is slightly longer as well. Arione is what i have on all my bikes but there is something nice about the Tri.
    Brian B.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I have the Arione and the only thing I can say against it is that the nose is bloody pointy and digs into your bum when you are off the saddle at lights. I reckon the Tri's soft nose would sort that for you.
  • andylavandylav Posts: 307
    I use both - I have a Tri2 on both of my good, long distance bikes and a well used, very comfortable standard Arione on my training bike.

    I have found newer Ariones to be less comfortable than my existing one for some reason (I haven't tried the CX so can't comment on it) and tried the Tri2 on a whim last year.

    Same length but slightly lighter than the standard saddle - biggest difference is the, obvious, extra padding on the nose of the Tri2 but this actually extends back to offer more padding over 2/3rds of the full length of the saddle and offers, to me at least, more comfort for longer rides.

    I'm now trying to source a third one - a white carbon braided version - to complete the switch over on all of my bikes.
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