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Hi guys, need a little input here.

I have been using my old Subway2 for the past year for the old commut. Now the weather is getting better I want to take my GT. So with this in mind I want to get it covered to theft while outside my place of work.

I read alot of the old posts regarding this subject and made the calls. Home insurance (direct line) sorry no you bike can not be covered while away from home as you are using it for commuting.

Ok I thought, i'll take out a bike policy. Went to E & L, read the bumf etc. Great, covered what I wanted and signed up. Get a call from them regarding part of my application. Turns out that because my bike is kept in a shed at home and not in a brick building with razor wire, a big dog and and a five lever lock the bike will not be covered any where. At home the bike is covered on the house, so why dose it matter?

So, dose anyone know of an insurance company that will cover the 3rd party on the road and theft while parked up at work that dose not need the bike to be in a safe at home to be covered while out and about.



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    I've just insured mine with More Than, and I must admit that I've not fully checked the Ts&Cs but their standard policy covers it at home, and if you want to cover it when you are away from then you've got to pay extra.

    I'll give them a ring tomorrow and find out exactly what I'm covered for.
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    I'm with M&S. Covers anything up to £4,000 away from home without even being named on the policy. More expensive than other policies though, but it made sense for me...
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    CIS mate..... !
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    Best with a cycle specific company eg cycleguard.

    More expensive but you will actually be covered.
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    i have same problem that insurers apart from my home insurance wont insure the bike as i can only keep it in a shed at my home not secured.

    hence why im not getting my lovely shiny new road bike until i have a garage with alarm and all sorts

    plus house only covers upto £500 but think mine is with endsliegh and they didnt ask many questions but i did and they said its insured away from home as long as it is fixed to a permantnt fixture

    that now makes me wonder if bike is covered in shed or not and person on the phone just said it was to get me to sign up hmmmm

    plus got british cycling to cover me for public liability which my house insurance wont do
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    Aguila wrote:
    Best with a cycle specific company eg cycleguard.

    More expensive but you will actually be covered.

    I've opted for Cycleguard too. They seem highly recommended, though hopefully I won't have to find out.
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    Thanks for the advice, i'll have a look into cycleguard.

    My bike is covered in the shed under the house insurance or so the advisor said when i spoke to them yesterday. I asked if I could list the bike on the insurance, they said there was no need and it was covered. I may call back to doubble check that.
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    Well after much reading I have gone with Cycleguard. Both bikes covered, now all I have to do is get the approved lock sorted.