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Thought I was gonna get told off there

downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
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On my way home I ride through southampton common. Its nicer, quieter and obviously no cars about for a few hundred feet of the commute. The only thing I sometimes have to worry about is navigating politely around a few pedestrians and their dogs. :)

So here I was today, slightly damp out coming home, but plenty of people walking through the common. It would seem rude NOT to take a cheaky short cut across the grass and avoid all those pedestrians, since its damp out and no one is using it for ball games and such. Wouldnt it? :lol:

So I'm halfway across and I see two police officers on their full sus mtbs coming up the shared path that I'm heading towards. They slowed right down and were having a proper gander at me. "Hmm.." I thought, "maybe I'm not supposed to be doing this?" When I got up close I realised that the lady copper was laughing a fair bit, so I smiled and said "afternoon" and carried on.

I honestly thought I was going to get a telling off for a second. :lol:


  • PetromyzonPetromyzon Posts: 221
    Had one of these the other day coming home- Ped appears at a traffic light crossing, light is green and I'm too close to stop (not going fast but it was a clear road otherwise). Think to myself "it's ok, she has looked at me, I've got lights, it is not fully dark, I'm in the middle of the lane, she won't run out in front of me in those high heels". Which she did. Cue a nicely executed swerve around her, a bit of gesticulating and a touch of choice language from me. Not proud of it but was pretty amped up given the situation.

    Then I hear an engine behind me and the blues and twos go on, I don't know if the cop car did it for a laugh but the timing was absolutely perfect, I pulled over only for them to roar past rather than stop....sigh of relief.
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