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help: how do i messure this hill?

blablablacksheepblablablacksheep Posts: 1,377
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there a hill i trying to messure and tryingto work out how steep it is:

i looked on multimap and using its OS mapping it gives the info.

but how the heck do i work out how steep it is,

bassically i know:

from the start of the hill the OS says 30, then the hill ends at 60. i understand maps but cannot for the life of me give a numbered reading for it.

heres the map link maybe you can help hopefilly: ... dfavourite

any one know??
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  • C-S-BC-S-B Posts: 117

    Sorry if Im interpreting this wrong, but I gather the hill starts at an altitude of 30 (metres?) and finishes at 60, so to work out the gradient, find out the distance and then slot into this formula;

    grade (steepness) = ( altitude gain / distance travelled ) x 100
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Or another way of doing it is to work it out as a ratio, rather than a percentage -

    So your hill has an altitude gain of 30 metres from start to finish.

    The next thing is to measure the distance between the start and finish points - for argument's sake, lets say it's 600 metres (just to make the maths easier...)

    Now, expressed as a fraction, that's 30/600. If we divide the lot by 30, that gives us 1/20 - so your hill is a 1-in-20 gradient (i.e on average you gain 1 metre of altitude for every 20 metres travelled).


    Of course, this only applies if the gradient is constant from start to finish - which it more often than not isn't.
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  • the thing was i wasnt sure if the map was metres i 99.99% sure OS maps are metres but the multimap site made me confused by having a bar underneeth saying;

    = 500 yards.. so as you can see the easy part messuring distance wasnt as easy as you need to convert a bit.

    can you confirm that dave is right about that formular?
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  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Which hill/area is it?
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