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home to Rome

tpmlogantpmlogan Posts: 36
edited March 2009 in Tour & expedition
Hi I have been looking at the maps and I was thinking of going to from Dublin to Rome and traveling as light as possible. I will be staying in Hotels and hostels. I want to use my carbon road bike. I think three weeks should do it . Any ideas?


  • xiliosxilios Posts: 170
    You would probably need a couple panniers for you clothes and other things. So you need to know if your (carbon) bike can handle them.
    What kind (make) of bike is it?
    Can you hang a couple of panniers on it?
    Can your rear wheel handle the weight?
    These are a few questions you need to answer first.
    As far as a route goes, you can either take the ferry to Roscoff make your way to the Loire follow it up stream then at some point get on the Rhone down to the south of France than follow the coast. Or plan B which is make you way to Holland than get on the Rhine follow it to Switzerland than over the Alps and make your way through Tuscani to Rome, it depends on what you would like to see on the way.
  • dpiperdpiper Posts: 31
    Sounds great. I've done a similar thing but in stages, so feel free to have a look
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