Gilets: worthwhile investment?

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In two minds as to whether to buy a gilet. Bear in mind that I need little encouragement to buy new bike gear usually! I'm just not sure when I would use one though.

At the moment I'm wearing SS jersey over base layer and arm warmers with a montane featherlite on top in the morning and then same minus the jacket for home.

I wonder whther the jacket might be too warm for showers in the summer and be better off with a gilet for then??

Would love to hear from Gilet lovers and haters alike! And any recommendations.


  • jonginge
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    Versatile pieces of kit. I'm wearing the same as you bar the jacket. Wish I'd been wearing my gilet this morning for the first couple of miles. Once I'd hit the heat island of inner london I was fine and could have easily stowed it in my jersey pocket. For the commute I've got a cheapy dhb one which is fine and doubles as my rainproof kit. Got a mavic one with a mesh back for weekend riding
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    I've got the best of both worlds, a LS windproof top with zip off arms. If I wear it over a base layer or ss top I can just whip off the arms and stow them in the pockets, it works a treat. I frequently use it as just a gillet and find it invaluable, especially on those slightly chilly mornings that look like they'll warm up towards the end of the ride.
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  • Christophe3967
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    Yep, they're a good idea. As JG says, they're versatile and fit easily into a back pocket. I got a yellow PI one which is ideal for commuting. I use them all the time.
  • cjcp
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    +1 for versatility. I have a Gore jacket with de-tachable arms. Perfect for fending off that chill if you just want something a bit more substantial over your base-layer than a cycling jersey, or want to wear arm warmers instead of a baselayer.
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  • bigmat
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    Gilet + armwarmers = a godsend on last year's etape. I thought I'd only be wearing them for waiting around at the start but they ended up staying on till the foot of the Hautacam. They allow a bit more flexibility then a jacket, easy to whip on and off and really handy for when the sun goes in / you hit a long descent etc. in changeable weather.
  • sem69
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    A good bargain on a gillet here:

    I was going to get one but none left in large :(
  • always_tyred
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  • chuckcork
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    Gilet and armwarmers are a good combination for this time of year when you might have a cool start in the morning but a warm mid-morning, particularly in the sun.

    Ditto other such combinations.
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  • Roastie
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    Gillet is great for keeping the chill off your chest, particularly if you are a wuss like me and get sick easily.
  • alfablue
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    Gillet - the best a man can get :wink:

    Actually, they don't work for me, if I feel cold my arms feel cold too. But they seem very popular so they obviously suit people.

    Gore Bike Wear make a jacket with zip off sleeves, maybe a best of both worlds scenario.

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  • Mossrider
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    Yep. Wear them all the time. The most verastile piece of kit. Cool summer mornings / evenings, or over the top of the Assos Airblock at zero degrees. I always have a gilet on me whatever the season
  • vorsprung
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    Gilet is great in lots of ways

    Get one just to try it out. They are pretty cheap. Get some arm warmers at the same time
  • flamite
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    MTFU, gilet? men wearing cardigans? what is the world coming to!
  • DonDaddyD
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    Yes, they look cool and hide the moobs. A must have.
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  • cougie
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    Yes yes and Yes again.

    I have a cheapy Hi Viz JJB one.
    I have a Pricey Rapha one.
    I have a cheapy black Aldi one.
    I have a thermal yellow one too.

    Great pieces of kit. Go and buy one now !
  • Aguila
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    Thanks for all the replies! I have bowed to pressure and bought one!

    Ideally I would buy the rapha one as a self confessed rapha addict.

    Have bought this one:

    They make the baselayers I wear which incidentally are amazing (+good value). Better than the rapha ones I also have.

  • tardington
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    BUT wearing a gilet makes you look like a puff, or a GURL.
  • redddraggon
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    I wear my Assos one on 90% of rides - I wouldn't be without it.
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  • vorsprung
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    tardie wrote:
    BUT wearing a gilet makes you look like a puff, or a GURL.

    Let's have a photo of you showing us how to dress