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Early morning Eastbourne

HortaHorta Posts: 64
Hello all, I've moved to Eastbourne and am starting to go out, got some rides planned for this year, but not much time to do it in :shock:

Anyone in The Eastbourne area fancy coming along for some early start rides 0700-0730, meet at the pier?

I'm currently doing 90-100k, 3.5-4 hrs. I fancy getting a group together and sharing routes and upping the tempo a bit!

Any takers? PM me or leave a message here

better a has been, than a never was!


  • Too early for me I'm afraid.

    Have you tried for any information from Phoenix Cycles along Seaside Road. They may know of some riders prepared to come along with you.

    At that time of the morning, the roads along the front and up onto the Downs will be nice and quiet
  • HortaHorta Posts: 64
    Have tried Phoenix, they've got connections with Eastbourne Rovers & Bayeux, but they start at 0900 ish and I need to be back at a sensible time for the family, the days of going out for as long as I like with no worrying about when I'm actually back are long gone!

    I also go off road and have some long off road rides planned, so that's also an option.

    Come on eastbourne, I know you're out there!
    better a has been, than a never was!
  • rbirkettrbirkett Posts: 65
    It is a bit early but I might come with you one day.
    What day do the Eastbourne Rovers go out?
  • HortaHorta Posts: 64
    Sorry for the late reply, haven't looked at my own post! :roll:
    Eastbourne Rovers go out on sundays, but I've not actually met up with them yet.

    There's a group that go out on Saturdays from the Tri store, not always there, so I've taken to doing a couple of hours, then swinging by to see if anyone's there. Means I get 5 hours in at least which is good, plus it's a bit more sociable and faster than riding on my own.
    better a has been, than a never was!
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