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Bike Fitting advise

Gadget_333Gadget_333 Posts: 24
Hi all

This is a request for a little bit of advise:-

I would like to get a bike fitting to see if I can get my bike set-up to avoid the aches and pains we all seem to get but I am trying to find somewhere that is not expensive and has a good reputation.

Any advise would be welcome.



  • Where abouts are you located?

    If you are located towards the West Midlands, I would recommend that you give Epic Cycles a call.
  • I am based in Surrey
  • Go to Sigma. You can either get a £40 option where they measure up and use bikefit software to generate ideal frame measurements based on what type of riding you do or you can get the Specialized BG fitting which is +£100. I believe this one looks at stem length, saddle height plus other stuff with an aim to give you a comfortable and effiecient ride/pedal action. Check their website out.

    You do need to book the Specialized fitting session and it lasts for about 1 hour and be prepared for

    1. being told you need a new bike
    2. potentialy unhelpful service depending on which member of the sales team you deal with.
    IG -
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Cyclefit in Macklin St,London
  • LysanderLysander Posts: 349
    Give AW Cycles in Caversham just outside Reading a go. They offer a fantastic bike fitting service, great staff and customer service. Or else Condor, but try and go there on a week day morning if you can otherwise it gets very busy.
  • cyclefit are great so +1 to mrushton
  • cedargreencedargreen Posts: 189
    A few years ago I went to Evans in Wandsworth and had a fit done on what I think was called Bio-racer, which basically involved getting fairly accurate measurements of your body- legs, arms torso;, and working out from a database the frame dimensions you need.

    I did it because I felt I had never had a road bike which really fitted me, doing the fitting made me realise why- I've got a longer than average torso for my height*, so I need a frame with long top tube relative to seat tube.

    With this information I decided to go for a custom build. I think the fitting service was £30.
    Some bike shops will only perform a fitting if you're buying a bike from them and you may have to book, so its worth phoning in advance.

    Its money well spent if it helps you get the right size frame.

    * I refuse to believe that this means my legs are shorter than average
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