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Cheshire Cat Roll Call..

Nice and simple and to make saying hello easier. Who is going and what are you riding?

Me first:

Black Giant Tcr Advanced. Either Black Kit or if colder, blue and white Giant team kit.


  • JoeBHJoeBH Posts: 63
    I think we'll be quite unlikely to recognise anyone we've not met before if theres anything like a full turnout!
    I'll be riding a Scott CR1 with white saddle and bar tape. Red Assos jersey (and yellow gore jacket if raining), red and white Bell Sweep R helmet.
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Enigma Esprit in Silver with Dura-Ace throughout

    Oh, and I'll probably be wearing something black and warm and snuggly cos I reckon it's gonna be right chilly early on.

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • popettepopette Posts: 2,089
    Red Felt, white Giro helmet, pony tail, clothing will depend on weather.
  • I'll probably be riding the oldest bike in the event - a steelie FW Evans.

    I'll be wearing Cyclechat gear - probably covered by a rain jacket :(
  • B-Twin sport4, head to toe black Aldi/Crane gear.
    If I can feel the pain in my censored , I mustn't be hurting my legs enough.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Giant TCR carbon in black and yellow - prob with yellow and black 'pirate' gilet on.
  • Focus Cayo in black wearing black assos tights and spesh white windproof as they are forecasting snow and ice. (-7 Celcius the night before). Gonna make it interesting me thinks
  • Marko1962Marko1962 Posts: 320
    Black & white Focus Variado Expert, clothing depends upon the weather but it'l be Giordana body clone stuff with a blue & white Giro Atmos helmet, same as team GB but I bought mine well before team GB did :P :P
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,219
    I would have taken part, but 3 weeks ago a member of our club asked me if I'd like
    to go to Mallorca for a week's cycling with other club members (they go every year at about
    this time). After the winter we've had, I didn't hesitate too long before deciding on joining
    them for their foreign adventure.
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    You wuss maander :!:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • RED Felt and will be in the yellow and black Busy Bee outfit
    Just a fat bloke on a bike
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Might wear my Gerolsteiner jersey if it's nice enough, but will still have black Gilet on top for a bit. Still a bit worried about how many base layers to wear. It's a sartorial nightmare.

    Howie, are you doing the 102 miler then :?:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!
  • Ed_BearEd_Bear Posts: 5
    How do all.

    I will be on black Wilier with Campag Shamal wheels wearing Glossop Kinder Velo kit.
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,547
    Riding this Cannondale: ... 319bx5.jpg

    Probably wearing red jersey, black shorts, and probably black arm and leg warmers.

    So if anyone wants to scream abuse at me for deleting a post or something, here is your opportunity!
  • fosstfosst Posts: 45
    I'll be on my winter bike, good choice given the weather forecast. A giant FCR with all my leftover road parts fitted. It's red and black and I guess I'll be wearing just about every item of clothing I own...can't stand the cold..
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I will be on my Trek, mainly white and black. Not too sure if to ride though if the roads are icy, could do without risking injury.
  • jthefjthef Posts: 226
    I will be on my blue Ribble winter training bike. What to ware will depend on the forecast. 8)
  • fluff.fluff. Posts: 771
    I think you should all wear a carnation, or failing that a big bunch of daffs taped to the bars, you might have a chance of spotting each other then :)

    Hope it's not tempting fate to say there's been no ice around here for many a week, if you're worried about that.
  • cymro68cymro68 Posts: 9
    On black Trek 1500, most probably will be weariing a worried look at the start, a 'shy did I not train more?' look half way around, and a 'when is it going to end?' look further on!! :)
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