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Bike Demo Days.

mark1892mark1892 Posts: 77
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If like me you are relatively knew to MTB'ing the one thing i can recommend 100 % before buying a new bike is get on one of these demo days. :) I've just got back from the whole day down Dalby Forest and tried 6 different Full sussers ( curently have a Giant XTC Hardtail). A couple i was dying to try, one that intrigued me and another 3 that turned out to be mighty impressive. Overall i am still undecided what to get but i now have a better idea of each bikes strong points and personal fit. here are the ones i tried 8)

Santa Cruz Heckler :):)

Bionicon Edison :):):):)

Trek Remedy :):):):)

Norco Fluid LT3 :):):)

Kona Hei Hei :):):):)

Lapierre Zesty 314 :):):):):)

Missed the chance to try the KHS XCT535 as i was a bit too long testing the Zesty :wink:


  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Yep, I've booked half the hardtails in the glentress demo day, to benchmark my own bike as much as anything else but I'm really keen to try out the Cotic Soul and see what it can do, it was one of the 3 frames I wanted and I could still be convinced to swap...

    Oh, and a Zesty just to see if I still don't like full suss :wink:
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  • mark1892mark1892 Posts: 77
    the zesty will put a smile on your face i think northwind, great bike and probablys my favourite from yesterday. :D

    i'm up grizedale in a few weeks to try a few more before splashing my cash :wink:
    should have put the link up really. :roll:
  • Hi,
    Anyone know when the next demo day at Dalby will be?
  • anyone know if there any demo days at all near the north london area as i yet to see a single one:(
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • mark1892mark1892 Posts: 77
    anyone know if there any demo days at all near the north london area as i yet to see a single one:(

    you missed the one at aston hill in feb and queen elizabeth park in january :?
  • First post here,
    Daldy forest for me was a intresting day started of riding a trek session 88, lapierre spicy 916, zesty 914, pace rc405, yeti 575, santa cruz nomad, all i can say is there were all amazing bikes to ride even though you only get 45 minutes to ride them, :cry: A couple that stood out above them all were the zesty 914 and pace rc 405, if i had to pick one it would be the pace, for me a quality piece of kit :D , roll on grizedale
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