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Hi peeps

after what has been one of my worst ever weekends i am asking for some help! my bianchi cameleonte alfine hybrid bike was stolen from my locked garage on friday night. i only bought it at xmas after saving a bit every month to get it, i feel so gutted and cheated i cant even begin to explain.
my insurers wont pay out as they are saying i never notified them of the bike which i know i did but anyways im now on the look out for a commuting bike as close to the one i had as possible, i cant replace it as its a 2008 model and the 09 model doesnt have the hub gear. im on a very limited budget and dont mind second hand.
any recomendations?? im still hoping the police might get lucky but i loved that bike and it was the first one iv had in which i felt truly satisfied with my lot, i really dont think ill ever see it again!


  • Coriander
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    I can't anser your question, I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of the theft of your bike. It makes me so angry when I hear of things like this.

    I hope you sort out a replacement OK.
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    I am heartbroken for you if that helps :(
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    You should post (if you haven't already) in the "stolen bikes" section of the bikeradar forums.

    That is crappy with your insurers. Make sure you have read the small print of the terms, and check also if they ever acknowledged you telling them about the bike.