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Bought my first road bike, need help getting going

boniverboniver Posts: 8
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So ive been interested in becoming a road biker for some time and finally bought a second hand road bike, now I need some help with some questions I have about setting everything up

one question i have are about the shimano pedals. im not sure what pedals they are at all, so dont know what shoes/cleats i need to buy to clip into them. heres a pic of the top and bottom of my pedals:



i think these fit the Look 3 bolt system? so would i need to buy a pair of shoes like this one, and Look cleats to bolt into this shoe pattern?


this is my first issue, would appreciate help =)


  • Gary DGary D Posts: 431
    Those pedals take the Shimano SPD-SL style cleats as shown in this link: ... 360008129/

    Get the Yellow ones, not the red, as the yellows have a little bit of float in them.

    The shoes you have pictured are the sort you want. Anything that has the 3-bolt cleat securing pattern - 3 bolts are not unique to Look pedals. Some of the lower end shoes even have both 2 bolt and 3 bolt systems combined.

    However, one word of caution :shock: :shock:
    If it is your first road bike, then I am assuming you have never used clipless pedals before?
    If so, make sure you practice clipping in and out in a "safe" area before you venture out on to the roads. They do take a little bit of getting used to. There are lots of threads if you search on "clipless moments" :? :?
    (If my assumption is wrong and you have used clipless before, say SPD's on a Mountain Bike, then you should be OK)

    Hope this helps and good luck :D:D

    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
  • paulieb2006paulieb2006 Posts: 318
    Looks like what you have pictured will be fine. :) Make sure that the shoes fit properly though. On my third pair in 3 months. I should't be let buy anything on the internet. Practice cliping in and out of the pedals as Gary said, very important. Still have the bruise on my elbow from coming off 3 weeks ago. :oops:
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