speed and anti drink drive campaigner, caught himself.

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The well known Belgian doctor Luc Beaucourts, famous throughout Belgium for giving lectures on drink driving and speeding and the consequences of doing so, has been cought himself.Dr Beaucourts has been giving lectures for years on this subject and likes to show in graphic detail the consequences of what can happen when people combine drink with driving. . Apparently he has some of the most gruesome images of the worst accidents to have taken place on the roads of Belgium. Dr Beaucourte was clocked by an unmarked police car doing 186Km/h or 116Mp/h, however after correction the speed was adjusted to 174Km/h or 108Mp/h. He was also suspected of being intoxicated but a breathaliser proved negative, however Dr Beaucourts admits to having cosumed a couple of glasses of wine.Needless to say The good Doctor says that he feels deeply ashamed.Here is a link
http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/957/Belgie/art ... -uur.dhtml :oops: :oops: :oops: Ademort
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