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can i get some recommendations for cheap commuting tyres. now using my old MTB for commuting to save wear and tear on the xtc. commute is only 4 miles a day mainly on tarmac apart from a few strips of grassy ground and seen as im in the north east, its usually wet underneath. :roll:

something cheap, good puncture resistance, fast rolling and good in the wet - not much to ask for is it :?: :wink:


  • White Line
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    I'd say Continental GatorSkins ... they seemed to be my favourite in the wet. :)
  • FyPunK
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    I chucked some continental city contacts on my wifes mtb for the road, really good. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
  • alfablue
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    Schwalbe City Jets are excellent and cheap, got a pair at the LBS for £16. Dotbike have them for £9.70 each in 26x1.5 size (it is a good reliable shop with free post).

    They are extremely puncture resistant and grip and roll well, good on wet tarmac. The only tyres that will offer good grip on wet grass are knobblies however. You should be fine on these if you take care on the grass.

    Had a poor experience with all things Conti re wear, tear and punctures.
  • roger_merriman
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    could do worse than marthons in 26x1.5 inch form, fairly quick and sure footed, and susprsingly good on grass and light mud.
  • mark1892
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    cheers every one. :) alfablue, i might try a pair of them city jets as they are on the right side of cheap :D and the grass section is only a 50m shortcut so im sure it will be fine :wink:
  • I bought a pair of these as 26 * 1.25 to use for my 15 mile commute until I can get on the C2W scheme. Only had them 2 weeks, but they seem to be holding up since I got them up to 90 psi. ... 360010485/
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    FyPunK wrote:
    I chucked some continental city contacts on my wifes mtb for the road, really good.

    Agreed - very sticky as well, and they must be puncture proof as I rode though what looked like a complete broken pint glass without issue.
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    Marathon Pluses from Spa Cycles for £19 - the most puncture proof option out there and should fir the bill.
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  • simon_e
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    +1 for City Jet 1.5" tyres.

    Bought mine from davidsbikebits on ebay. Commuted with them on the MTB for over a year, worked a treat.
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    +1 for Continental Gatorskins, I've been using them for a while now in the nastiest of winter weather.
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