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turbo V.S rollers

HillClimber101HillClimber101 Posts: 149
edited March 2009 in Road buying advice
i posted a topic the other day and it was about cheap turbo trainer but scince then i looked into rollers and i'm not shure weather i'ed be better off with a roller or turbo

case for each side


+ a more realistic ride- you can have 2 wheels moving
-no varible risistance

2. Turbo's

+you can vary resistance
- you cant move so a less relistic ride.

i am planing to use them for TT warm ups and when its Cold dark or raining.


  • Ash_Ash_ Posts: 385
    i am planing to use them for TT warm ups

    You can set your turbo trainer up behind your car or whatever and get on with your warm up. You won't be able to do that with rollers as they require a decent size, nigh-on perfectly flat surface that's free from debris to be set out on, something you seldom find in lay-bys. You might be at an event that has a HQ such as a village hall, but there's no guarantee that they'd let you set your rollers up in there.

    Look at how the pros warm-up for a TT, it's always on the turbo trainer, not the rollers.

    For what you suggest, a turbo trainer seems like the more versatile of the two.
  • shaw8670shaw8670 Posts: 264
    Rollers will improve your riding. With Tackx rollers you can get a resistance unit which bolts on. You can't do very high resistance 100% sprints for balance reasons. If you get any knee or hip twinges you may find the movement on the rollers better, more natural. Rollers are less of a bore and your front mounted computer will work on rollers.
    Greetings from the wet and windy North west
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