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FOUND 24Seven Dark Angel (Greater Manchester)

Spoony ManSpoony Man Posts: 132
edited March 2009 in MTB stolen
I was just browsing eBay and it would appear that this bike has been stolen (ebay clicky), I draw your attention to the following quotes:

"the bike has singer middle shock surspension"

"large wavy disk all rownd" - It doesn't look like its got wavy rotors in the pic, just standard hayes.

"really chunky mitchelin tyres"

AND FINALLY THE BEST ONE (especially if you don't want people to think you've pikeyed the bike)

"i am selling the bike due to genuing reasons"

On top of this the grammar/spelling throughout is very pikey! And only 3 pics which are practically identical, doesn't look like somebody selling their beloved steed. Also only got 4 feedback (and 0 seller feedback... hmmm).

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