Front mech resting against frame when on small chain ring

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I have an Ultegra SL front mech (band on 34.9) along with a matching SL chainset (50.34). The problem is when the front mech is adjusted to clear the chain when on small front / big rear the mech rests against the frame. Each time I change down from the big chainring the mech hits the frame and is creating a mark.

If I adjust the mech to clear the frame I get chain rub when in small front / big rear.

Other than putting some tape on the frame to protect it is there anything else I can do ?



  • John.T
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    There is something very badly wrong there. On my Trek Madone 5.2 I have the same chainset and mech. Also a 34.9 clamp. The closest part to the seat tube is the return spring which clears the tube by over 3mm. If you can see no fault then all I can suggest is a spacer behind the drive side BB bearing. The one for behind single speed sprockets fits perfectly.