Didnt know they where silver.

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Hi guys

Im new here ive done a bit of mounain biking before i have a 2006 GIANT XTC se which i bought seom time ago and its in a mess so ive started to strip it so far ive got new grips new saddle i bought new tyres not so long ago and they have only been used for a short while so still in good nik. Ive started taking it apart and stripping it and cleaning everything started with the rear end taken the rear wheel off taken tyre off and got a new tube for front and back. So i took the chainset off which took alot of force i had a two foot long wheel brace on it and only just got it loose hasnt been taken off fro mthe factory from the looks of it. So started cleaning and i thought the cogs where black turns out there silver. so after an hours graft using some citrus polish as a de greaser a tooth brush and two kitchen rolls later there clean.


Bought a WTB speed V saddle the large one in the link below.

Ive gotta get the disks off now and clean the wheels and make sure there are no buckles im not bike nut just like a nice in the summer mostly cross country. Dont know loads on how to take them apart i just use a bit of common sence and remember where everything went.

Also what is the best way of cleaning your chain



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    Tis amazing how many people think their cassette should be black and then wonder why they have shifting problems :lol:
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  • Bikes in bits now new saddle arrived today yay.

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    If you dont like getting your hands dirty these do the job


    though you cant beat the old toothbrush and an old can full of degreaser
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    I used to leave a rusty old chain in a bit of petrol over night, then thoroughly dry it out (quite easy as petrol usually evaporates!) and then grease the hell out of it, getting it right into all the links. I shouldnt have thought anyone on here would advise such a course of action, and todays degreasers are probably more than up to the job to be honest! :lol:
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    Anyway, fk dis, I iz off 4 a ride innit. l8rz peepz
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    haha I used to think that back in the day (long before I got into MTB)

    As far as the full strip down and rebuild goes that will never stop. I do both my bikes every year. Strip down, clean everything, overhaul hubs, service fork (MTB), replace any broken/worn bits and rebuild.

    I fond that It is a great way to get everything properly cleaned up, and inspect the condition of those bits you wouldn't usually see. Also lets those little things that affect the performance get sorted so you get yourself a perfectly working bike, and minimize the risk of a nasty surprise on the trail when a part fails appaulingly!.
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    Last week I (shamefully) used half a can of carburettor cleaner on a chain & cassette - it'd been in the cupbaord for ages and i'd ran out of the nice citrus stuff I usually use, I swear I could hear the tears of baby polar bears fall into the cold water which would have been ice before I started... worked a treat though!

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    Heh, carb cleaner is the solvent of the gods :lol:

    Paraffin is what you want though. Take chain off, throw in jamjar of paraffin, shoogle about, take chain out. Clean. Wait for dirt to settle, pour off paraffin into another jar, throw out the manky stuff at the bottom. Wastes very little, and it's cheap in the first place.
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    Jar of parrafin eh? hmmm sounds good, especially it it's re-useable once the gunk settles. I've given white spirit a bash on some really stubborn crap on a cassette too, just dampened a cloth with some then a light rub took every last bit off - cue baby seal tears...

    I usually avoid using such harsh solvents as much as possible when cleaning anything, but to me the jar idea sounds not bad if you're able to re-use it - might go invest in a big jar soon. :)
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    So i took the chainset off which took alot of force i had a two foot long wheel brace on it and only just got it loose hasnt been taken off fro mthe factory from the looks of it.

    Note for next time....what you need is a crank extractor (just in case you weren't aware).