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On way home tonight I noticed that a neighbour had a bike for sale outside their house. I have been thinking of doing a fixie conversion for a while now and was wondering if this would be a good place to start.

The bike is a Kalkhoff racing bike, looks at least 20 years old. Don't know what size the frame is, but it felt Ok on a short test ride up the road & back. Brakes seemed Ok - dual lever calipers. Tyres are 27 x 1 1/4 - seem the best part of it with no cracks or tears and a fair amount of tread left. Saddle was basic & slightly padded. Gears are 2x5 (or maybe 2x6) with shifters on the downtube - neither of the shifters worked. Dropouts are horizontal.

Bottom bracket looks a bit like this

He is only wanting £15 for the bike. Should i buy this? What else should I be looking at? How much work is involved in doing the conversion?

(He is holding it for me until tomorrow...)
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    If the frame looks OK, it might be worth a shot @ £15, not much to loose there....
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    I'd buy it.

    Fixed conversion, the cheap way: Buy a fixed sprocket, and remove a chainring if possible.. That's it.
    Fixed conversion, the proper way: Buy a cheap track rear wheel, sprocket and lockring. If you can remove a chainring from the cranks then they'll be fine. If not, you can get adaptors to allow running an English (standard threaded) BB.