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Trying protein, what kind?

wilkfamwilkfam Posts: 15
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Im really considering starting to use protein suppliments but not sure what would be best suited? Im 20 years old and have a pretty slim build but recently im sure iv been loosing weight. Iv started doing home workouts with a set of dumbells to try and get a little more stronger, fitter and toned. But doing this with my usual riding and work, cant be doing much without the right nutrition and im sure its just making me smaller. I eat relativly well with decent homecooked meals but think i just need a little something extra.
I know there are diffrent kinds of protein powers to buy but im not sure what would be best? Iv been told to get Whey?

Sorry if theres already information on this but iv tried searching and couldnt really find anything to help me.


  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
    I used to use this when I was skint: ... nflavoured)/

    It`s good stuff but doesn`t taste great.

    Or this: ... -whey-(5lb)/

    Choc-mint version tastes lovely.
  • owen_MTBowen_MTB Posts: 222
    Holland and Barrett atm is £12.50 reduced from £25
    It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness
  • yea the body fortress stuff is ok. doesn't taste too bad either.
  • Jimi_08Jimi_08 Posts: 28
    It depends on what your outcome is? Best thing as they always say is what are your stats? Before contemplating the protein look at what you are eating and how you are exercising. Work out your weight in pounds then multiple that by 15 to give you your daily calorie intake need for each day, then you need 1 gram of protein per pound of weight.

    Easiest way to start adding weight is to increase intake so look at what you are eating and whether you are getting what your body needs each day, (some say 5 to 6 regular meals a day 3 main meals i.e. breakfast lunch and dinner and snacking for the other 2 or 3).

    Protein should be looked at if there is not a significant increase or you are really thin. Another thing to take into account is energy expenditure, unfortunately I had a great calculator of this which could tell you what to increase calorie uptake by, but I lost the program a while back. Man made protein is great as its specifically created for such purposes i.e. to put on weight but so is the natural stuff like chicken and beef. In no way am i against protein as being 6ft 5 and an ex rower and bob skeleton athlete I had to eat big and put on weight for the summer but drop down for the winter. With the aids that were given by not only the Great Britain squad and a friend of mine being a nutritionist its worth looking into what exactly is going into the protein shakes, as one of the biggest reasons such ones as Holland and Barrett are cheap is because of the difference in quality of protein and other substances inside.

    I made my first mistake of going to a friends house one weekend and taking a trip to holland and barrett to get some protein and when I got back my friends mum killed me as she is the nutritionist. She showed me the comparisons of what is in some of the cheaper forms of protein compared to the mid weight and slightly more expensive brands like maximuscle, the biggest factor is you get a lot more substances included in some of the cheaper ones that shouldn't/ you wouldn't want in high doses.

    Each protein supplement has different amounts of protein in so its best to check how much you need against how much more you would like to bulk up.
  • Hey Wilkfam,

    Jimi is right, you need to post up your diet first before you can get a usefull / meaningfull answer. There is no point spending money on protein if your basic meal structure is wrong.
    Basic rules are to eat every three hours. Keep it healthy though by avoiding sat fats and simple sugars...the exception with simple sugars is during and after a ride where you need them for quick recovery.

    However, If you can't organise and / or motivate yourself to make changes in your diet then the simplest solution for you is to buy a good quality protein like CNP Pro-Peptide and mix 20g with 60g oats and eat this between the meals you would normally eat... this will give a tasy and nutritious calorie boost. Also, avoid the powders sold in Holland and Barrett, argos etc...The myprotein stuff is good quality but unflavoured stuff is grim and will make you gag!
    Whey is the best but is very quickly in and out of your system... the pro-peptide is a mixture of Whey, egg and milk and is generally recognised as one of the market leaders. Go eat!
  • Jimi_08Jimi_08 Posts: 28
    Dingdongdee, i like you already come join me in this forum please, this kid is winding me up, i need some chi. ... 8#15237438
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