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Help please again...

Red DevilRed Devil Posts: 60
edited March 2009 in Road beginners
Ok still not purchased new bike as yet - however had a go on a Giant bike today -
Defy 4 dbl chainset -
We have not got much choice here LBS mid Wales etc.

However felt good but know I will be needing triple chainset with all the hills here & my age & fitness levels :oops:

What triple to go for though - like the look of the specialized Allez 09 triple ?

Trek triple ?

Giant triple?

Any recommendations please as I need to get a bike its drivin me mad - budget was £440 ish hence defy 4 but will go extra for one of the above.

Thanks Chris


  • BarkiesnakeBarkiesnake Posts: 244
    If your budget will stretch to it and you like the giant why not go for the defy 2.5 which comes with a triple already on.
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