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What Hardtail?

cathrobinsoncathrobinson Posts: 5
edited March 2009 in Women
I have an old (men's) Gary Fisher Big Sur, that I never got on with and it put me off riding for years.

I got back into it last year with my OH and bought a Spesh FSR Era Comp - what a bike! I love it.

So, now I am quite 'into it', ride most weekends and also during the week, and I thought I would flog the Gary Fisher and treat myself to a hardtail as well, so I can have it set up for lighter trails / XC / road, and leave my FSR for Cannock Chase trails and heavier stuff.

So, does anybody have any recommendations? I don't want to spend more than £500 really, and am looking mainly for a decent frame and fork combo, and discs - don't care if they are hydraulic or manual for this sort of price. Air fork would be nice :D



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