Routes around Settle ?

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I'm off upto settle for a weekend soon and i was wondering are there any decent trails there?


  • yes, plenty.
    How far do you want to ride? anything from 10 to 50+ miles is possible
    With the hills being limestone, drainage is great so you'll not find many puddles!
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    This month's (I think) What Mountain Bike has a feature on trails around Settle.
  • Great place Settle. I've just shredded £150 of bike bits round there. If you see someone looking like he's out for revenge it'll probably be me.
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  • Shorty12
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    Hehe ill have to buy that magazine then do around 30-40 miles a day so should be good fun

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    Shorty12 wrote:
    Hehe ill have to buy that magazine then do around 30-40 miles a day so should be good fun


    If you'll PM me your e-mail, I can send you a route-map of a very good 30 miler...
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  • if your prepeared to drive 10 mins head to Clapham, good riding all round the area , build long lane into your route v.good long downhill run.
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    I used to live in Settle. Good riding all over nearby. The routes round Clapham are fun, especially the descents through Clapham tunnels, and there are loads of bridleways and byways around Pen Y Ghent that can be linked up, with some good rocky descents. Watch out for walkers though - they are over abundant round there... The road going up from Settle to Upper Settle and then up and over to Malham off road is great, although a hard and technical climb. The New Inn pub in Clapham is highly recommended.
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    Yep Clapham or the Calfe.
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    There are loads of rides round Settle - the in laws have a static caravan just up the road (High Bentham) and we took out bikes for the first time last weekend - Have to admit to having to push mine up a lot of the hills though - they are fairly steep, especially on the road that goes to Slaidburn - that's a killer!