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riding from Devon to Turkey

tommy penntommy penn Posts: 2
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In 6 months time i am planning a trip through Europe with a view to wild camping it all the way. Is there anyone out there who has done a similar trip? I would love to get some advice on the MAJOR obstacles, challenges and safety issues. I would really appreciate some feedback, advice and suggestions. Cheers!


  • Special KSpecial K Posts: 449
    This is an excellent read:

    also google found me this:

    In terms of major obstacles, and in no particular order I think it's worth considering:

    1. The Alps
    2. Avoiding the motorways
    3. The Balkans - you need to consider if you are going overland or via the ITaly-Greece ferry route. The overland journey is much much longer. Even the southern end of the Balkans in norther Greece is pretty lumpy and not far off the sort of climbs you do in the Alps.

    good luck
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  • dpiperdpiper Posts: 31
    I've done it in stages - written up at

    Have fun. If I did it again I'd head south though France to Salzberg and follow the Danube to the Black sea then south again to Istanbul
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