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What are peeps veiws on this Brand????


  • JesseD
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    I am on my 3rd.

    I have had 2 addict SL's and snapped both of them on the seat tube. I bought the SL new but second hand and Scott wouldn't replace it when it snapped the second time. They did offer me another at trade prices which I bought but went for the CR1 Pro. The frame rides fine, infact I reckon it's stiffer than the SL in the BB area, however the finish leaves something to be desired, the decals do not line up on the head tube to the forks. I did consider sending it back to Scott but didn't want to be without a frame for another 2 months so built it up and am riding again.

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    I've had the S20 Speedster for a couple of years. It runs the 105GS and has the carbon front forks and carbon rear triangle + carbon seat post, with an alloy frame. It's a nice bike, and has caused no problems over & above normal wear & tear in about 4000 miles. That said, the current models don't look as well made, esp the frame. My next bike probably won't be a Scott. They're good, but for the money I suspect there are better deals available.
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    I agree with Chris, if Scott hadn't offered me a deal on the CR1, I would have either bought a Trek 5.2, a Cannondale Carbon 6 or a Wilier Izoard, I could have got all for about a £1k, however I paid significantly less than that for the CR1 and it does me fine for now.

    Which model are you considering?
    Obsessed is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated!
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    Ihave an ultegra equipped sportster and two CR1's. All excellent. Dont like the look of this years CR1's/addicts though and was in the market to replace my 05 frame in the next 6 months. Looking at the soloist and colnago extreme power too. I still think the CR1 packages are very versatile and you get a lot for your money.
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    I've got the CR1 Team (2008) and it's a great bike. Love riding it. Very responsive (which for a drop bar novice was a nightmare to start with however now I really appreciate it), light, loves to climb and not as racy as some would have you believe. I've done 4 hour rides on it and it is only a bit more uncomfortable than my Planet X Ti Sportive (which is built for longer rides).

    I like the look of it. It doesn't appear particularly badly built or finished to me though my limited experience may mean I just don't know what to look for.

    I drool over Scott Addicts myself but hey I can dream :D (probably wouldn't be too comfortable for my mega tight thighs anyway :oops: )
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    I own a 2007 CR1 Pro (yellow and black) and love it. Made a few changes such as new saddle, seat, 12/27 and Ultegra Compact. It's my good weather bike and I use an aluminium Trek 1.2 in the winter.