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Giant NRS - need help!

bendover1444bendover1444 Posts: 5
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i am doing up my 05 giant NRS which has the NRS rear shock which has 4in travel and forks with 100mm travel. I was wondering if getting new shocks which have more travel (5-6in and 120mm) will alter the geometry too much therefore affecting the balance etc.. of the bike. Also if a bigger rear shock would fit on the bike.


  • Don't think a bigger shock would fit. You do know your meant to ride that frame with no sag at the rear?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You must stick with the same dimension shock.
  • yea i no and i am but there isnt enough travel for what i am riding now so upgrading. so i cant change rear shock size but can i change front forks?
  • lastwordslastwords Posts: 304
    stick with the same dimension shock i run the same frame but the standard shock packed up so i upgraded with a rockshox monarch 3.1 and i now run the bike with 25% sag and use the pedal platform on the shock to stop bob, basically it transformed the bike well worth the money. I also run a tora 318 fork 85mm - 130mm travel i have it set to 85mm for most of the time as it climbs well like that but when im up the peak district with steep rocky decents i extend the fork probably to around 120mm.
  • nice how much was your monach? as i have a lowish price range as im only 15!
  • lastwordslastwords Posts: 304
    I paid £135.99 for it from Rutland Cycling comes with pump and bushes in the eyelets but you would need the mounting gear already on the nrs, the shock is still the same price and its free delivery. ... -3-1-.html

    I set the sag then set the platform so it doesnt bob then forget about it. :)
  • cheers buddy :) can you recommend some forks that will go well with the bike?
  • lastwordslastwords Posts: 304
    mine are rockshox tora 318 u-turn i think they are good much better than the suntour's i had, i bought them cause they were fairly cheap around £130 i think from merlins but if i was to buy one now i would go for an air fork of 100mm travel, personally the bike doesnt feel right when the fork i have is extended to 130mm and it is also heavy compared to an air fork.

    So i would have a look at people recommendations for a budget 100mm travel air fork that performs well.

    Hope this helps.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    100mm travel forks, try and find a pair of '08 reba SL, they should only cost you around £200 failing that get the air tora 318, lovely little fork. A bit wieghty, but tough.
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