Folding Bike Challenge!!

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I have just signed up for this with a group of friends ] ...does anyone have any experience of covering long distances on a folder? Is it possible?! Any advice?


  • stickman
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    Get a 26in folding bike? Dahon make them, probably other brands too.
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  • jc4lab
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    63miles is my personal best. as Part of the Mancherster 100 on a Bromptom.and done the Christies Manchester Blackpool Chasrity run ...No problems..Maybe keep your tyres as hard as you dare.and avoid potholes/.at all cost....For me these have sometimes caused pinch puntcures or a spoke to break on a small wheel.catching one at speed. .
  • Sarah09
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    Thanks for all that advice, you sound like quite a serious folding bike rider, are you going to do the folding bike challenge?
  • ride_whenever
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    Yeah, i'd do it on either a ti brompton, or preferably a birdy. The birdies are basically folding tourers and are lovely to ride.

    Took a customers out for a spin (with his blessing) sram dualdrive rear up and full xtr other bits. Gorgeous to ride, stiff and light. Rolled well and wasn't twitchy due to the extreme fork rake.