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folding bike challenge

Sarah09Sarah09 Posts: 10
edited August 2009 in Commuting chat
Has anyone else checked this out?
I have just registered with a group of mates...has anyone done long distances on a folding bike? [/b]


  • stuaffstuaff Posts: 1,736
    Yes, checked it out- might be up for 2010 (no time available to do this year's).
    And yes, many people have done big runs on folders, even Brommies. See, for example:
    I regularly do 30-40 miles in a morning/afternoon on my Jetstream, and I'm planning to do the full IOW Randonnee & at least one Friday Night Ride To The Coast this year.
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  • RyanBRyanB Posts: 116
    Whoa! Never heard of this. Seriously tempted to try this on the Mu. Hardest bit for me would be the getting to London from Northern Ireland. Any suggestions on a good way to attempt that? Train from Glasgow?
  • FeltupFeltup Posts: 1,340
    There were quite a few on the Dunwich Dynamo last year, 120 miles through the night.
    Short hairy legged roadie FCN 4 or 5 in my baggies.

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  • Sarah09Sarah09 Posts: 10
    Hi RyanB One of my mates is Irish and called the company, Action Challenge, I think they are organising a flight for her...maybe they could do something similar for you? More the merrier!
  • RyanBRyanB Posts: 116
    Wow. Cheers Sarah. I'll definitely look into that. I'll give them a bell now.
  • RyanBRyanB Posts: 116
    Yep. Rang them there. What nice people. Flexible, helpful, friendly, I'm definitely doing this now. Getting over for the 6am start is going to be a laugh.
  • There is a Facebook group for those on this challenge - or mildly interested in the type of people who are signed up!
    See:- ... 840&ref=ts
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