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2008 - Trek Fuel EX 5.5 Or Specialized Myka FSR Expert??

bells0bells0 Posts: 414
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Girlfriend is getting more into riding and wanting to do more stuff with me. She has a Scott Contessa 50 at the mo that i have upgraded to hydro discs and 27 speed.

She is coming into a bit of money and desperately wants a comfy full bouncer :)

Budget is up to £800 and we have found a couple of 2008 bargains.

Trek Fuel Ex 5.5 wsd @ £674!

Specialized Myka FSR Expert @ £750

Not gonna be too easy to test sizes though. She now thinks her Medium Scott maybe a little small, but trying out 2008 bikes nearby could be a problem with the Myka as it's changed shape for 2009. The Treks look the same so can sit on an 09.

So my initial question is, anyone got either of the above and do they recommend them?

I reckon the Myka maybe the better buy as figure it will be a bit lighter than the Trek?




  • Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
    Not got either of those, but overall, I think the Specialized is a bit better specced. However, it's obviously more of a risk if she can't try one out beforehand - there's no point having a nicely specced bike if you're not comfortable with the size or geometry. And unfortunately how a bike feels is a lot down to personal preference.
  • bells0bells0 Posts: 414
    Looks like we will be able to try a medium Comp version of the 08 Specialized, so will see how that fits.

    The Trek shouldn't be too much of a problem either as the 08 is the same as 09.
  • bells0bells0 Posts: 414
    Picked up the Myka last night from Evans at the Xscape, Castleford.

    They price matched an internet price, and luckily had 1 large left. £1100 down to £750 :D

    Is a perfect fit. The lock out wasn't working, so they have ordered new parts, which is a shame, but i think it may have been stored upside down. so will see if it comes back to life over the weekend.

    Girlfriend can't wait to get out on it in the sun this weekend!

  • Yeah, looked at the Myka Expert 09 for my Mrs, decided on the Safire Comp 09 ... but now deliberating if maybe it should be the Stumpy (small frame) FSR Comp
    -- Specialized StumpJumper FSR Comp (09) [for me] --
    -- Specialized Safire FSR Comp (09) [for the Mrs] --
  • Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
    I'm looking into trying out a small Stumpjumper FSR myself. I tried the small Safire and it was way too short for me - height was fine, but the top tube was tiny. I contacted the Specialized concept store in Brum about trying out a small Stumpy though, and they suggested I should try a medium Safire instead. :s

    I'm 5ft2, and I can't see myself having much luck with a 17" frame, regardless of whether it's women's specific or not!
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