Best place in the Alps for beginners?

Mrs Toast
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I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on mountain biking holidays in the Alps? I'm still a bit rubbish (blue/easy red sort of level, chronic fitness...), so can anyone recommend which area is the best for beginners? I was thinking Les Gets.

Also, is it best to try and sort flights/accomodation yourself, or is it better to go with one of the MTB-specific tour operators (like Flow MTB, Skedaddle, Alpine Elements etc)? If so, are there any that people would recommend or avoid?


  • toasty
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    Definitely, I'm a bit of an authority on the Alps around here, some even call me the Mountain Toast. I heartily recommend you go to the alps with your husband.

    Your Trek 4500 will love it, it's just the sort of bike they all ride around there. Whatever you do, don't turn up riding an expensive Lapierre, the locals hate them, they'll be lobbing stones at you the entire visit.

    Failing that there is also Whistler!