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Felt QX85

Dave JenksDave Jenks Posts: 7
edited March 2009 in Commuting chat
Hi, I am looking for a new Hybrid bike through the Cyclescheme, my commute is 7 miles each way on mainly gravel track. The bike that has caught my eye is the Felt QX85 but cannot find any reveiws on this bike. I would be very gratefull if any owns this bike to give me some info on this bike. Other bikes I have looked at are Kona Dew Deluxe, Cube Curve & Cannondale Bad Boy.

Thanks Dave


  • mr_rustimr_rusti Posts: 1
    Hi Dave

    I have one!.

    I purchased it to replace a Carrera Gryphon - similar style but the frame of the Gryphon was too big for me.

    I have used it for commuting 6 miles each way, with panniers. Also used it for Sunday rides - max 30 miles. I have been very pleased with it. I have had no problems with it, unlike the Gryphon which used to throw the chain every now and then! The main mod I did was to change the tyres for a road specific tyre, as I found the tyres fitted were too slow for road use. The brakes are far superior to the Gryphon.

    I have no experience of the other bikes you mentioned, so cannot compare with them.

    I would recommend the Felt, on my experience.
  • Thanks for info, I feel more confident about buying this bike now, just have to wait for my company to implement the ride to work scheme.
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