Help!! Whats this bike and any info on spec!!

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I’ve never owned a tarmac bike in my life and I just threw some money away on ebay. Or at least I think I have!!

I wildly took a punt on this bike:

Its described as a Genesis (Ridgeback I think) Arizona RSX. I am hoping the RSX is the groupset. Question is, can anyone identify it, tell me the spec and age? I don’t even know if its 700c or 26” or other!

I thought for £67 it cant go too far wrong but I might be about to be told otherwise! PS its just for some summer training and turbo training to help out with my off road antics – unless I really fall in love with the tarmac and end up selling my DH rig for a carbon road bike!


  • Headhuunter
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    I'm sure at £67 you really can't go wrong! It looks in good condition.
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