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Need help and advice please

FranticjoeFranticjoe Posts: 5
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Hi guys, would appreciate your help!

I've got a Specialized Sport 09 but have recently got abit of extra cash and would love to get a S' Roubaix Elite 09 and if i sold my Sport i could afford this with it's stardard spec. I told my friend this and he reckons i would be better off upgrading my groupset from Tiagra to 105 or Ultegra and also upgrade my wheels.

What do you guys think? To improve my fitness and have a more enjoyable time would it be better to go for the Roubaix and get a carbon frame or upgrade my sport?!?

Any advice would be great!! :lol:


  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    the only thing that will improve your fitness is riding more - and in that sense, upgrades, or a new bike will make no difference.

    However, if you want a new/better bike, then just go for it - no justification needed...!
  • Thanks Softlad, with the weather getting betting im out alot more which will be good.

    For Stefanos have a look at this link for the sport 09 ... 8&parent=3

    And for the Roubaix 09 ... 7&parent=3
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If you're not enjoying riding the Allez Sport, buying a bike worth twice as much isn't going to change that.

    And lovely though the Roubaix is, £1500 is quite a lot for a 105 equipped bike.

    I'd stick with the current bike and spend on some Assos bibshorts instead.
  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    I find Specialized and major brands like that are overpriced for the spec you get. Try looking at Wiggle's own brand Kiron, or Focus or other brands like Felt, Cube, Canyon, Planet X or even the good old Boardman range at Halford. Far better value for money.
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  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    Would echo what people saying about maybe not being the best vfm but they hold there price well and look nice, i was going to get one of these and from that shop! Great guys, wont they do you a test ride?
  • Stefano>>Yeah i bought it from Total Fitness, they are really nice in there so i could always see if they haev one in my size, im a 58 frame.

    I can see everyone's point in getting good spec for your money, thanks guys.... Maybe the upgrade route is the best way to go, what do you guys reckon.

    Otherwise what good bikes could you suggest arounf a grand with at leat 105 groupset??

  • JohnnyAllezJohnnyAllez Posts: 785
    New 10 speed 105 groupset

    nice set of wheels ... AVIWHFR430

    and you`ll be sorted :)

    The Tiagra groupset you`ll be taking off will sell well on here or Ebay if it`s the latest STI 9 speed version
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    Kiron Scandium (although does not seem to be available in all sizes at the mo) - a mix of Ultegra and 105 or Focus Cayo, 105 throughout both at less than a bag o' sand (from or Cube Peleton.

    That's just a start, all the above go for between £750 and 950. If you look hard you may even manage to get something with a lot of Ultegra for less than a grand
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  • Thanks for the advice so far.... im still undecided, think i need to be abit more decisive! :D

    probaly sensible to upgrade but so many nice bikes our there! :shock:
  • le_grimpeurle_grimpeur Posts: 135
    softlad wrote:
    the only thing that will improve your fitness is riding more - and in that sense, upgrades, or a new bike will make no difference.

    i disagree with the above, new equipment and upgrades have a definite impact on fitness. Quite simply, as I am able to go faster on the bike whilst using the same effort as before, I arrive at the bottom of an incline faster, and as it takes less effort to get to the top, I find I am more likely to make the extra effort, as I will be able to crest the incline sooner, rather than before where the effort was not worth it, so I am putting more effort in, as a result, my fitness had improved.

    I agree with the last comment in that it is more sensible to go for components, but complete new bikes are a wonderful folly. That said, you will get a better faster bike if you upgrade, and if you like the frame so much, why not wait until the sales and see if you can buy it then.
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